About Us

We have been open over 4 years now and I am still enjoying the challenge of running a deli. Yes it continues to be hard work with long hours and it does occupy many of my waking hours, but I am learning more every day which is definitely my addiction. I have said this many times before but I do believe that the day I stop learning will be the day I need to stop doing this; however rest assured that I can't see that day coming anytime soon.

Those who know me can testify to my love of good food and drink, which can be enjoying a meal out with friends and family, cooking up a feast at home or simply sampling something new at a food event. Food has also been a recurring theme in my career, including working as a restaurant manager, working on consultancy assignments with major food retailers and most recently as Head of Supply Chain for a major grocery wholesaler.

But most importantly food has always been an essential part of day to day life and I firmly believe that as well as eating a healthy balanced diet we should all actually enjoy what we consume. No one has to put up with the bland offerings that are unfortunately so widely available; everyone should seek out tastier foods. Remember that if we keep buying those bland products then the shops will keep supplying them.

Just as important for me is knowing exactly what’s in the food, where it has come from and how it has been produced. In how many shops can you confidently know this today; even if you are told to trust them because they claim to have full visibility of their supply chain? The benefits of eating great tasting food doesn’t stop at simple pleasure; evidence has shown that with flavourful food you don’t need as much of it to satisfy hunger. This is great news for both your health and your finances plus helps to eliminate some of that food wastage that blights our society. So when you see an artisan cheese that costs a bit more per 100g than a mass produced block cheese from another shop; just buy half the amount you would normally, spend less than you would have done and increase your eating pleasure! People have challenged this claim with me in the shop and I have to admit that there are occasions when a great tasting food does propel you to eat more; for me that could be roast lamb or a fine box of chocolates.

The ongoing challenge I face is to ensure that I am delivering what my customers want; after all everyone is unique and has different tastes. Imagine how dull life would be if we all liked exactly the same foods. However I also want to continue to challenge my customers with new flavours, new foods and using foods in different ways. Imagine again how dull life would be if we just ate the same foods for the rest of out lives. So when you come into the shop do feedback to us on your experiences with the food and drink you bought from us and tell us about other foods that you think we should stock in store. I have gained a lot of knowledge about food over my life but I continue to learn every day, which for me is half the fun.

At the end of the day if I can pass on some of my passion for great tasting food and drink to you, then I will feel that it has been worthwhile. I look forward to meeting you in the shop.