Our current range of cheese and charcuterie available are as follows

(where price per kilogram is specified the product can be supplied in any weight required):

Hard Cheese

Cheddar Godminster Organic Vintage£29.90kg
Cheddar Godminster Vintage Button 200g£6.50each
Cheddar Montgomery Farmhouse£28.00kg
Cheddar Wookey Hole£21.50kg
Comte Organic AOC£36.50kg
Cornish Yarg£24.50kg
Feta Clemency Hall 200g£2.85each
Gjetost 250g£5.25each
Gouda Special Reserve£26.00kg
Gruyere Le Cret£39.50kg
Jarlsberg Reserve£26.50kg
Landana Old Goat£27.00kg
Manchego Don Juan£36.00kg
Manchego Villarejo Curado DOP£40.50kg
Mayfield Swiss£33.50kg
Olde Sussex£29.90kg
Parmigiano Reggiano 12 Month Aged£29.50kg
Parmigiano Reggiano Ambrosi 30 mth 150g£5.50each
Pecorino Diforti Sicilian 150g£4.95each
Ribblesdale Sheeps£39.50kg
Saint Giles£26.50kg
Shorrocks Lancashire Bomb 460g£10.95each
Shorrocks Vintage Bomb 230g£7.95each
Sister Sarah£37.00kg
Snowdonia Black Bomber 200g£4.95each
Snowdonia Rock Star 150g£4.95each
Sussex Charmer£24.50kg

Soft Cheese

Ambrosi Mozzarella di Bufala 125g£2.60each
Bettine Goats Cheese Pearls 100g£2.70each
Bourg Fleuri Creme Fraiche 50cl£2.75each
Brebirousse D’Argental£39.00kg
Brie de Meaux Rouzaire AOC£22.00kg
Brie Sussex£33.00kg
Camembert de Normandie 250g£6.75each
Chabis 90g£3.10each
Chevre Buche£18.50kg
Delice de Bourgogne£20.50kg
Flower Marie 200g£9.25each
Golden Cross 225g£9.00each
Halloumi Cypressa Traditional  225g£4.60each
Longley Farm Cottage Cheese 125g£0.85each
Lord London£35.00kg
Mascarpone Ambrosi Tub 250g£3.95each
Monte Enebro£54.00kg
Pont L’Eveque 220g£5.50each
Ricotta Ambrosi Tub 250g£1.30each
Rosary Garlic & Herbs£27.00kg
Tunworth 250g£8.50each
Vacherin Mont D’Or 500g£12.95each

“Ask what you can do for your country, ask what’s for lunch”

Orson Welles

Added Cheese

Ashdown Foresters Smoked£28.00kg
Brie Royal aux Truffles£42.50kg
Brie Sussex with Truffles£56.00kg
Burwash Rose£37.50kg
Carron Lodge Charcoal Briquette 200g£4.95each
Cheddar Godminster Oak Smoked 200g£7.50each
Cheddar Godminster Truffle Organic 200g£6.95each
Dorset Red Smoked£19.50kg
Emmi Original Fondue Sachets 400g£8.50each
Epoisses Germain£35.00kg
Fowlers Sage Derby£24.00kg
Seven Sisters£38.00kg
Snowdonia Amber Mist 200g£5.50each
Snowdonia Red Devil with Chilli 200g£4.75each
Snowdonia Truffle Trove 150g£6.50each
Stinking Bishop£43.50kg
Sussex Blossom£39.90kg
Truffle Ewe 125g£5.25each
Wensleydale with Cranberries£21.00kg
Wensleydale with Ginger£26.00kg

Blue Cheese

Blue Murder£26.00kg
Brighton Blue£29.00kg
Brighton Ewe£43.00kg
Cambozola Grand Noir£25.00kg
CasArrigoni Scooping Gorgonzola£28.00kg
Colston Bassett Baby Blue Stilton£25.00kg
Cote Hill Blue£30.50kg
Dorset Blue Vinny£26.50kg
Gorgonzola Piccante Ambrosi£25.00kg
Mrs Bells Blue£48.00kg
Pevensey Blue£36.00kg
Ribblesdale Blue Goat£39.50kg
Roquefort Papillon Black Label AOP£36.50kg

“Cooking is about not cheating yourself of pleasure”

Nigel Slater


Asturian Iberico Salami 200g£5.70each
Bearfields Ham Gammon£18.50kg
Brindisa Cooking Chorizo Dulce 280g£4.75each
Brindisa Ibérico Bellota Hand-Carved 50g£11.95each
Casademont Sliced Spanish Tapas 150g£3.50each
Cecina Smoked Cured Beef£42.50kg
Chapel & Swan Brisket Pastrami 200g£5.95each
Chapel & Swan Salt Beef 170g£5.95each
Chorizo Castro Iberico Bellota£43.00kg
Chorizo Picante£27.50kg
Cinderhill Farm Sausage Roll 180g£4.35each
CSC Pork Rillettes 250g£8.25each
CSC Pumpkin Curry Pate 100g£5.50each
CSC Smoked Salmon Terrine 270g£14.25each
CSC Smoked Trout Terrine 270g£14.25each
CSC Tomato Pate Basil Thyme 100g£5.50each
Domingo Ortiz Chorizo Hoop Hot 200g£2.50each
Domingo Ortiz Chorizo Hoop Mild 200g£2.50each
Enebral Organic Sobrasada 300g£5.50each
Fish4ever Mackerel in Oil 125g£2.40each
Fish4ever Sardines in Lemon Oil 120g£3.50each
Fish4ever Sardines in Oil 120g£2.40each
FoieGood Duck Liver Pate 120g£14.95each
FoieGood Duck Rillettes 115g£18.95each
Golfera Classic Diced Pancetta 160g£4.50each
Golfera Prosciutto di Parma 80g£5.60each
Jamon Serrano Leon£31.00kg
La Brujula Sardinillas 118g£5.50each
Lecale Harvest Mackerel Pate 90g£3.95each
Morcilla with Onion 500g£6.95each
Nduja Hot Calabrian 400g£8.95each
Negroni Antipasto 120g£4.95each
Negroni Finocchiona Salami£29.50kg
Negroni Milano Salami£30.00kg
Negroni Napoli Salami£27.00kg
Ortiz Bonito Tuna Fillets Olive Oil Jar 220g£11.95each
Ortiz Bonito Tuna in Olive Oil Tin 112g£4.75each
Ortiz Bonito Tuna in Olive Oil Tin 250g£9.40each
Ortiz Sardines a la Antigua 140g£4.15each
Pate Pour Vous Chicken Pate 180g£3.75each
Pate Pour Vous Duck Pate 180g£4.50each
Pate Pour Vous Farmhouse Pate 180g£3.75each
Pate Pour Vous Venison Pate 180g£4.50each
Pate Pour Vous Wild Boar Pate 180g£4.50each
Rendles Farmhouse Pork Pate 180g£4.95each
Sliced Teruel Lomo 100g£4.15each
Spanish Venison Salami 200g£6.25each
Spanish Wild Boar Salami 200g£6.25each
Suffolk Chorizo Whole 190g£6.95each
Suffolk Salami Fennel Whole 220g£8.75each
Suffolk Salami Rosemary Whole 220g£8.75each
The Curators Original Beef Biltong 26g£2.95each
Wild Boar Terrine with Cognac£27.00kg