Our current range of drinks products available are as follows:


Alba Vega Albarino DOP 75cl£18.50 /each
Arboleda Cabernet Sauvignon 75cl£15.99 /each
Chapoutier Chateau Ferrages Rose 75cl£16.99 /each
Chapoutier Schieferkopf Riesling 75cl£12.99 /each
Chapoutier Vacqueyras Avarum 75cl£19.99 /each
Dios Baco Fino Sherry 750ml£15.50 /each
Dios Baco Manzanilla Sherry 500ml£11.95 /each
Dios Baco Pedro Ximinez Sherry 750ml£32.50 /each
Entreflores DOP Rueda 75cl£12.95 /each
Grahams Port Selection in Wood 3x5cl£15.95 /each
Hitzkopf Classic Gluhwein 5.5% 1L£11.50 /each
Jules du Souzy Fleurie 75cl£17.99 /each
Kleine Zalze Selection Chenin Blanc 75cl£14.99 /each
Louis Jadot Macon-Lugny Bouchet 75cl£19.99 /each
Montelvini Treviso DOC Prosecco Brut 20cl£3.95 /each
Muscat de Beaumes de Venise 37.5cl£15.49 /each
Rioja Vega Blanco 75cl£10.25 /each
Rioja Vega Crianza 750ml£14.25 /each
Rioja Vega Reserva 75cl£21.95 /each
Rioja Vega Tinto 75cl£10.25 /each
Roger Goulart Brut Reserva Cava 75cl£15.99 /each
Sangria Premium Montevides 750ml£11.95 /each
Zuccardi Valles Bonarda 75cl£14.99 /each

Beer & Cider

Crumbs Brewing Amber Lager 4.8% 500ml£3.85 /each
Crumbs Brewing Gift Pack 3x500ml£9.95 /each
Crumbs Brewing Naan Lager 4.5% 330ml£2.95 /each
Crumbs Brewing Pale Ale 4.2% 500ml£3.85 /each
Crumbs Brewing Rye Ruby Ale 6% 500ml£3.85 /each
Kentish Pip Discovery Cider 750ml£12.50 /each
Stroud B River Cottage Hopful Best 5% 440ml£4.45 /each
Westerham Brewery 1965 Special 440ml£3.50 /each
Westerham Brewery Helles Belles 440ml£2.95 /each
Westerham Brewery Weizen Up 440ml£4.65 /each


Birch Handcrafted Gin 42% 50cl£38.95 /each
Birch Handcrafted Gin 42% 5cl£6.50 /each
Birch Handcrafted Sumatra Gin 42% 50cl£38.95 /each
Ditchling Fling Toffee Vodka 70cl£44.95 /each
Edinburgh Elderflower Gin 20% 500ml£23.95 /each
Edinburgh Raspberry Gin 20% 50cl£23.95 /each
Fisselier Biscuit Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Breton Whisky 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Cappuccino Liqueur 200ml£16.95 /each
Fisselier Cappuccino Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Caramel Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Cassis Liqueur 200ml£16.95 /each
Fisselier Cassis Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Cerise Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Chocolate Liqueur 200ml£16.95 /each
Fisselier Chocolate Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Framboise Liqueur 200ml£16.95 /each
Fisselier Framboise Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Geranium Liqueur 200ml£16.95 /each
Fisselier Gin & Geranium Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Gin & Ginger Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Gin & Pear Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Gin & Violet Liqueur 200ml£16.95 /each
Fisselier Mure Sauvage Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Myrtille Liqueur 200ml£16.95 /each
Fisselier Myrtille Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Noix de Coco Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Pain d’Epices 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Peche Blanche Liqueur 200ml£16.95 /each
Fisselier Peche Blanche Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Pistache Liqueur 200ml£16.95 /each
Fisselier Pistache Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Poire William Liqueur 200ml£16.95 /each
Fisselier Poire William Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Punch Corsaire 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Rose Cream Liqueur 200ml£16.95 /each
Fisselier Rose Cream Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Vanilla Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Fisselier Violet Liqueur 200ml£16.95 /each
Fisselier Violet Liqueur 50ml£5.95 /each
Kin Toffee Apple Vodka 200ml£11.50 /each
Kin Toffee Vodka 200ml£11.95 /each
Kin Toffee Vodka 500ml£19.95 /each
Kin Toffee Vodka 50ml£3.50 /each
Mermaid Gin London Dry Gin 42% 50ml£6.25 /each
Mermaid Gin London Dry Gin 42% 700ml£47.50 /each
Mermaid Gin Pink Gin 42% 50ml£6.25 /each
Mermaid Gin Pink Gin 43% 700ml£47.50 /each
Mermaid Gin Zest Gin 40% 50ml£6.25 /each
Mermaid Gin Zest Gin 40% 700ml£47.50 /each
Mermaid Salt Vodka 40% 700ml£47.50 /each
Mermaid Spiced Rum 40% 70cl£47.50 /each

“If we are what we eat and drink, we owe it to ourselves to improve both”

Glynn Christian

Soft Drinks

Belvoir Elderflower & Rose Presse 75cl£4.25 /each
Belvoir Elderflower Cordial 50cl£5.95 /each
Belvoir Elderflower Presse 750ml£4.25 /each
Belvoir Fresh Squeeze Lemonade 750ml£4.25 /each
Belvoir Ginger Beer 750ml£4.25 /each
Belvoir Ginger Cordial 500ml£5.95 /each
Belvoir Mulled Berry Punch 750ml£4.95 /each
Belvoir Organic Freshly Lemonade 250ml£1.65 /each
Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade 250ml£1.65 /each
Belvoir Sparkling Apple Juice 250ml£1.95 /each
Belvoir Sparkling Apple Juice 750ml£4.25 /each
Belvoir Summer Spritz 750ml£4.45 /each
Braes o Gowrie Spark Elderflower 750ml£7.25 /each
Deeside Water Sparkling 750ml£1.25 /each
Fever Tree Tonic Aromatic Light 500ml£2.25 /each
Fever Tree Tonic Mediterranean Lt 500ml£2.25 /each
Fever Tree Tonic Premium 500ml£2.45 /each
Folkington’s Cloudy Pear Juice 1L£4.25 /each
Folkington’s Elderflower Drink 1L£4.75 /each
Folkington’s Mango Juice 250ml£1.95 /each
Folkington’s Pink Lemonade 250ml£1.95 /each
Folkington’s Rhubarb & Apple Presse 250ml£1.50 /each
Folkington’s Tomato Juice 1L£4.75 /each
Harrogate Still Water Glass 750ml£1.20 /each
James White Organic Beetroot Juice 75cl£3.60 /each
Kingsdown Water Sparkling Glass 330ml£0.69 /each
Lakeland Artisan Jingle Berry Punch Cordial 500ml£8.50 /each
Lucky Saint Glass Alc Free Lager 330ml£2.50 /each
One Spring Water Still Glass 330ml£0.80 /each
ONE Still Water in a can 330ml£0.80 /each
Radnor Hills Still Spring Water Can 330ml£0.80 /each
Ringden Farm Apple & Ginger Juice 1L£3.50 /each
Ringden Farm Apple & Mango Juice 1L£3.50 /each
Ringden Farm Apple & Raspberry Juice 1L£3.50 /each
Ringden Farm Cox / Bramley Apple Juice 1L£3.50 /each
Ringden Farm Cox Apple Juice 1L£3.50 /each
Ringden Farm Discovery Apple Juice 1L£3.50 /each
Ringden Farm Pear Juice 1L£3.50 /each
Rude Health Almond Drink 1L£2.95 /each
Rude Health Oat Drink 1L£2.50 /each

Hot Drinks

Brew Tea Co Breakfast 40 Tea Bags£9.25 /each
Brew Tea Co Breakfast Lemon Loose Tea 113g£7.95 /each
Brew Tea Co Breakfast Loose Tea 113g£6.75 /each
Brew Tea Co Breakfast Vanilla Loose Tea 113g£7.95 /each
Brew Tea Co CO2 Decaf 15 Teabags 45g£5.75 /each
Brew Tea Co Earl Grey Loose Tea 113g£6.75 /each
Brew Tea Co Green Loose Tea 113g£6.95 /each
Brew Tea Co Moroccan Mint Tea Bags 37g£5.75 /each
Cocoba Easter Hot Choc Spoon 50g£3.60 /each
Divine Chocolate Drinking Choc 400g£4.60 /each
Gnaw Hot Choc Shot Caramel 50g£2.25 /each
Gnaw Hot Choc Shot Dark 50g£2.25 /each
Gnaw Hot Choc Shot Mint 50g£2.25 /each
Gnaw Hot Choc Shot Rocky 50g£2.25 /each
Lavazza Qualita Rossa Ground Coffee 250g£5.45 /each
Morning After Hangover Comforter 10g£2.25 /each
Pukka Festive Collection 30 Sachets 57.6g£10.95 /each
Simón Coll Hot Chocolate Packet 180g£2.10 /each
Simón Coll Hot Chocolate Packet 500g£4.95 /each
Simón Coll Hot Chocolate w Cinnamon 180g£2.65 /each
Teapigs Everyday Brew Tea 15 bags£3.95 /each
Teapigs Everyday Brew Tea 50 bags£11.50 /each
Teapigs Liquorice & Peppermint 15 Teabags£4.95 /each
Teapigs Mao Feng Green Tea 15 Teabags£5.15 /each
Teapigs Organic Trim Teabags 15s£4.60 /each
Teapigs Rooibos 15 Teabags£4.50 /each
Teapigs Strong Earl Grey 15 Teabags£4.50 /each
Union Blend Decaf Ground Coffee 200g£6.25 /each
Union Colombian Ground Coffee 200g£6.95 /each
Union House Roast Ground Coffee 200g£5.60 /each
Union Revelation Espresso Beans 200g£5.50 /each

“Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody”

Samuel Pepys