Our current range of frozen products available are as follows

(where price per kilogram is specified the product can be supplied in any weight required):

Sweet Products

Dessert Kitchen Chocolate Brownies£7.00/each
Dessert Kitchen Chocolate Tart Sml£6.50/each
Dessert Kitchen Tart Lemon Small£7.00/each
Dessert Kitchen Tart Pear Large£13.50/each
Dessert Kitchen Tart Pear Small£7.00/each
Dessert Kitchen Tart Raspberry Large£13.50/each
Dessert Kitchen Tart Raspberry Small£7.00/each
Dessert Kitchen Tart Treacle Large£13.50/each
Dessert Kitchen Tart Treacle Small£7.00/each
Dessert Kitchen Vegan Choc Loaf Cake£3.50/each
Frozen All Butter Croissants£0.42/each
Frozen Almond Croissant£0.96/each
Frozen Apricot Danish£1.30/each
Frozen Belgian Waffles£1.09/each
Frozen Californian Fruit Salad£5.49/kilogram
Frozen Cherry Berry Delicious Fruit Salad£6.99/kilogram
Frozen Chocolate Twist 90g£1.12/each
Frozen Cinnamon Swirl£0.85/each
Frozen Maple & Bacon Sausage Roll£1.99/each
Frozen Maple Pecan Danish£1.05/each
Frozen Oven Bake Spanish Churros x12£2.95/each
Frozen Pain au Chocolat£0.59/each
Frozen Pain aux Raisins£0.79/each
Frozen Portuguese Tart£0.99/each
Frozen Summer Fruit Salad£7.99/kilogram

Savoury Products

Frozen Asparagus & Gruyere Crowns£2.99/each
Frozen Chicken en Croute 220g£3.99/each
Frozen Coquilles St Jacques 240g£4.95/each
Frozen Cornish Pasty£2.19/each
Frozen Mushroom Pinenut & Stilton 223g£3.49/each
Frozen Mushrooms Garlic Breaded£6.49/kilogram
Frozen Petit Pois£3.45/kilogram
Frozen Pizza / Focaccia Dough 170g£0.82/each
Frozen Potato Croquettes£2.65/kilogram
Frozen Potato Gratin£0.92/each
Frozen Potato Hash Brown£3.45/kilogram
Frozen Salmon en Croute 232g£3.99/each
Frozen Scampi£17.99/kilogram
Frozen Tuscan Roasting Vegetable Mix£6.99/kilogram
Frozen Yorkshire Puddings£0.36/each

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”

Virginia Woolf